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Seminar Speaker

With four decades of business ownership and three as an International Speaker, I’m well-versed in requested topics:

  • Balancing success and wealth.
  • Cultivating effective hiring and company culture.
  • Nurturing in-house executives.
  • Implementing sales and business growth strategies.


Clients include global giants like IBM, Xerox, Panasonic, Sony. I co-built a $200M company spanning continents, later focusing on seminars, workshops, and philanthropy.

I’ve consulted for hundreds of businesses through interactive workshops and seminars. Globally recognized as a philanthropist and fundraiser, I’ve directed $38M+ towards non-profits.

For 30+ years, I’ve aided those battling addiction—juveniles, institutionalized adults, and substance abusers—imparting Truth about Drugs and positive change.

Business Consulting

The initial free consultation is always to define the quickest path the expansion and profitability. A Plan and Program is generated from that call.

Step by Step Business Evaluation


  • Planning and Market Research
  • Social Media customization

Scaling up

  • Establishing the Executive Team to
  • position for Company Turnover or Sale
  • Policies and Programs that document current and future successful strategies.

Going Public

  • Expansion Capital Acquisition
  • Preparation for Acquisition or Merger

Investment Club

Over the years many different investment opportunities have come my way and continue to do so.
Having access to a host of entrepreneurs/investors like myself as well as private equity Groups and several of the major funds that are available affords me the ability to evaluate investments.

This started as a personal investment strategy that has grown into an investment club.

I am not a financial advisor, nor do I want to be. I do not give financial advice.

In my ongoing desire to help others I have found many small investors looking for good returns on very stable low risk opportunities have formed an investment club. Where I could share some of the opportunities that come across my plate with others on a one by one basis.

I’m currently 65 and have made my money and focus on good return solid hands-off of opportunities exclusively.

If you like to be considered to be added to that club hit me with an email and I can give you more information about how conservative I am in the opportunities I consider.

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