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Seminar Speaker
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Keynote Speaker

As an International Speaker for three decades, I’ve honed skills in captivating audiences, delivering impactful messages, and leaving a lasting impression.

Business Consultant

With over 40 years as a successful business owner, I possess firsthand expertise in owning, operating, and thriving in the business world.

Investment Strategist

Over the years, I’ve actively pursued various investment opportunities. I connect fellow investors, entrepreneurs like myself, to foster a robust investment network.

Mastering Business for 40 Years, Speaking Globally for 30

About Me

The best partner for investment security and growth

Hey there, I’m Emmett Osborn, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be a part of some of the biggest global players like IBM, Xerox, Panasonic, and Sony. Picture this: steering a company to over $300 million across continents and two million customers. Now, I’m all about sharing insights through lively workshops and seminars, and making a difference as a hands-on philanthropist and fundraiser.

For over 30 years, I’ve been in the trenches, working with folks dealing with addiction and life challenges, spreading the truth about drugs and breaking those negative cycles. Stick around, there’s more to my story.

Most Requested Consulting and Speaking Topics

  • Prosperity and the balance between success and wealth.
  • Hiring success and creating a company culture.
  • Creating executives fom within.
  • Proven sales and business development strategies.
  • Sales, marketing and public relations. 

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