What are the proven successful actions in putting on an event?

  1. It all starts by understanding your field and knowing what type of seminar is best. There are 2 types of seminars you can request:

a. Fundraising (for the IAS, your Ideal Org or your Ideal Org Alliance for example). These are typically preceded by a Friday night “Key Contributor” dinner for pre-regging and a seminar on Saturday to deliver and inspire donations followed by dinner, any local awards and acknowledgements then a fundraiser.
b. Field Activation (More suited for an existing Ideal Org wanting to increase their Bodies in the Shop and public requesting auditing OR if only a small percentage of your field is showing up to your fundraisers and you need to increase your attendance at your fundraisers. These seminars are effective in recovering public and getting people interested and reaching for their next service. They are focused on field activation and booming the org. These typically are a morning seminar flowed by a luncheon and then an afternoon seminar to give you two opportunities to get your public into your Org. Both seminars are designed to rekindle the field’s initial purpose and blow all the stops to participation. The seminars are typically promoted as an informational lecture or an “OT Hatting” lecture and NOT a fundraising event, so that attendance will be high.

Here’s step-by-step instructions to give you all the successful actions:

    1. Contact me at emmett@emmettosborn.com to pick a date for a seminar and to coordinate whether it will be a Saturday field activation seminar including lunch or a Friday/Saturday fundraising event.
    2. Coordinate with your OT Committee and Org terminals to insure there are no conflicts in the proposed date
    3. At this time, my support staff will create the promotional piece with the agreed-upon date for issue authority at your local org to ensure it does not conflict with anything else already planned.

    Note: the promo piece can be customized for your Org by my staff or your Org staff as appropriate. To see a sample promo flyer, click here.

    1. If it’s a full day event, with lunch, get three quotes from local caterers keeping in mind that all additional profits can go to staff pay.
    2. My staff will book my flights and hotel as soon as possible to ensure the best pricing.
    3. Four weeks prior to the event publish the promotional piece and distribute it around the org and get it sent out on all OTC lines.
    4. Three weeks prior start announcing the event after course.
    5. Two to three weeks prior start emailing out the promo piece to your central files and the OT Committee membership list.
    6. To see a sample of a promotional video, click here.
    7. For the two weeks prior display a poster with the promo piece attached for public to sign up for the event.
    8. For the two weeks prior have someone from the OTC do call-in to confirm (this allows a head count for the expense of lunch or dinner).
    9. After the event send out the customized “Thank You” video which is designed to get your pledges in (if a fundraiser and/or promote the next event to keep your momentum created going. To see a sample of one of these videos, click here.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I best go about promoting the seminar to our FSMs?

    Many members of the OT committee are FSM’s and they should be told there will be no conflict of cross selection. Meaning, I will not select anyone onto service that has an FSM once they reach for service, this way myself and the FSM are in concert with each other and aligned in purpose.

    Can I use the seminars to increase OT Committee membership?

    Yes, I encourage it. The OT committee should have promotional materials on how to sign up as a member of the OT committee at the seminar registration table.

    What promotional materials are available and how are they used?

    All the flyers and video promotional pieces have been created using discovered buttons from hundreds of surveyed events. However, any adjustments can be done by my staff to specifically impact your local field’s needs. This should be done before obtaining issue authority on any promotional materials.

    Who do I contact and how do I book a seminar?

    Myself directly at emmett@emmettosborn.com (my assistant, Audrey frequently will be a key contact as well, she’s a doll and you’ll love her).

    Can I channel any remaining funds generated from ticket sales into another area?

    Yes, any money from ticket sales should be collected directly by the Org and whatever the Org chooses to do with any income generated is completely at the Org’s discretion. A successful action I have seen has been (once my travel expenses have been covered) all funds go to staff pay so that the event is highly promoted to the public by the staff.

    Can we use the seminar to sell books, courses and auditing?

    Yes, depending on what seminars are chosen, a supply of the pertinent books, lectures or booklets should be available for purchase, or provided as part of the seminar attendance fee. I typically coordinate in advance with the bookstore officer to ensure there is enough stock on hand and with the registrars to know what course/auditing is a good follow up course or action based on the seminar(s) chosen for the event.

    Does the speaker use seminars to acquire selectees?

    My intent is to work in concert with the local FSMs so that my activities are considered participation and contribution, not to generate income as a professional FSM. I have found working in concert with the local FSM’s rekindles their purpose as an FSM. The seminars are designed to rekindle an initial Purpose whether it’s as a student, a PC or an FSM. I consider the line between your local FSM’s and your selectees a sacred line that I will never cut across.

    However, if somebody is currently not on services, does not have an FSM, and requests help from me to get back on lines and moving on their Bridge I may select them in full coordination with the Org.

    My question is not listed here, how do I find answers to any other question?

    E-mail is the best way to contact me due to my rigorous schedule at emmett@emmettosborn.com.