Description of the Seminars:

They are typically delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, either as an individual seminar or 2 seminars with a lunch break. A nominal fee is charged for attendance so that there is an exchange for the attendees. The funds collected are used to pay for the speaker’s air fare and hotel and the remaining funds are donated directly into staff pay so that the staff is incentivized to promote it to the public.

The Seminars:

1.     “Getting into the No Effort Zone of Going OT” — with postulates. Download Promo

2.     “Fire up Your Dreams” – with the Admin Scale. Download Promo

3.     “Put the Magic Back in Your Life” — with Ethics conditions. Download Promo

4.     “Understanding the Org board” — a hands-on seminar on how to create your own personal Org board. Download Promo

5.    “Winning on the Second Dynamic” — a seminar worth falling in love with! Download the brochure